Actionable African Business Risk Intelligence

EXX  AFRICA INSIGHT is a specialist intelligence service that delivers accurate, decision-ready, and commercially relevant forecasts on African security, political, and economic risk. All analysis is supported by local source intelligence and driven by our proprietary risk methodology.

The INSIGHT service is an online portal that provides three different streams of specialised and commercially-relevant risk intelligence:




This service is specifically designed for corporate security managers and provides specialised and commercially relevant intelligence on current security threats, including civil war and interstate conflicts, terrorism, organised crime, riots & civil commotion, and violent industrial action across all 54 African countries. EXX  AFRICA security analysts take a forward-looking and strategic approach to the continent’s major security threats to key sectors such as aviation, marine, cargo, mining, oil & gas, construction, telecoms, as well as large infrastructure and industrial projects. The service includes a stream of security risk incidents across the African continent reported by local and international media, local sources or witnesses, and social media. The service will soon also include a risk heat mapping service. The Security Planning service is suitable for political violence underwriters, risk managers, and corporate security subscribers. The service may be combined with the Political Risk service to provide a full spectrum of African security and political risk analysis coverage.

Cost for one subscription: Corporate packages and multiple subscriptions are negotiable. Contact insight@exxafrica.com, or alternatively use the contact form at the bottom of this page.



This service assesses political risk perils, including political instability, contract frustration or alteration, expropriation, non-payment, taxation, corruption, currency and regulatory risks across all 54 African countries and is commercially relevant to key sectors such as mining, oil & gas, construction, telecoms and agribusiness, as well as large infrastructure and industrial projects. The service is tailored for political risk underwriters, project and trade finance providers, risk managers, and other executives in a strategic role. As such, a full set of political risk scores has been developed to facilitate quantitative decision-making by underwriters and risk managers. The Political Risk service can be combined with the Security Planning or Banking Risk service to provide a full spectrum of African security, political, and economic risk analysis coverage.

Cost for one subscription: Corporate packages and multiple subscriptions are negotiable. Contact insight@exxafrica.com, or alternatively use the contact form at the bottom of this page.



This is the first and only service on the market that analyses political, contract, and reputational risks to the banking sector in all African countries. This service is specifically designed for the international banking sector and other financial institutions, as well as export credit agencies, development banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, private equity and venture capital subscribers. The Banking Risk service provides political, reputational, and contract risk intelligence on African banks and other financial institutions to support due diligence and KYC requirements, as well as reputational and political counter-party risk assessments. The service focusses on corrupt practices, political decisions, regulatory changes, and contract risks affecting the African banking sector, as well as key economic, sovereign, and financial risks. This service is best combined with the Political Risk service to provide a full spectrum of African political and economic risk analysis coverage.

Cost for one subscription: Corporate packages and multiple subscriptions are negotiable. Contact insight@exxafrica.com, or alternatively use the contact form at the bottom of this page.





The INSIGHT service offers an option for subscribers to purchase credits to commission fast tailored responses to queries in short report format. Each credit is exchangeable for one short report (1-2 pages) and with annual expiry conditions. The analysis credit service offers subscribers to the INSIGHT service direct access to EXX  AFRICA analysts and the benefit to order cost-effective and fast turn-around bespoke reports.

This service is suitable for insurance clients, corporate security managers, and risk managers seeking tailored risk monitoring, county entry reports, or due diligence and counter-party risk assessments.

For subscription enquiries, to set up a complimentary trial, or to hear more about our corporate packages, please contact:

EXX  AFRICA INSIGHT is a specialist business risk intelligence service providing subscribers with accurate, decision-ready, and commercially relevant forecasts on African political and economic risk. See below for some of the key features:

Clickable Maps

Clickable MapInteractive and colour coded maps of all 54 African countries. Each country is rated according to its risk level. Compare and contrast Africa’s diverse risk environment. Stay tuned in 2016 as we add GIS and risk heat mapping capability, allowing users to choose different base maps and gain greater visual risk differentiation.

Country Outlook

Frequently updated risk statements for each of Africa’s 54 countries, coherently forecasting major changes in countries’ risk outlook, such as elections, policy changes, strikes, wars, or sovereign default. The Country Outlook is forward-looking, intelligence-driven, and seeks to inform decision-makers on each country’s particular risk outlook.

Risk Scores & Ratings

EXX  AFRICA has developed a unique granular risk scoring system for 54 African countries that allows users to compare and contrast the business operating climates across the continent. The country risk numeration is a crucial aspect of our analysis and forecasting methodology.The risk scores reflect both the frequency and severity of each of ten risk perils in the one-year outlook. Our forward-looking risk scores facilitate decision-making and prepare our users to foresee threats and opportunities. Risk scores are regularly updated and fully downloadable into subscribers’ own data systems (excel format). Stay tuned in 2016 as we add further features to our risk scores and ratings.

Find By Country | Sector | Risk Peril

Users can search articles either by selecting one of Africa’s 54 countries or by choosing from 17 different sectors covered by our analysts, ranging from energy and mining, to construction and telecoms, to defense and pharmaceuticals. This allows users to broaden their searches across regions and industries specifically of interest to them.

Custom Email Newsletters

Subscribers are able to customise their view of the portal by personalising their interests in various countries and sectors. Weekly customised newsletters alert subscribers of particular risks and opportunities in areas or industries of interest. Get crucial African business risk intelligence delivered directly in your inbox.

Weekly Articles

Our team of analysts publishes eight articles per week analysing the continent’s main news headlines with actionable and commercially-relevant risk forecasts for key sectors. We also publish one weekly special feature focussing on a key business opportunity for investors. Articles are exclusively published on EXX  AFRICA INSIGHT. We do not require our subscribers to sign up to expensive and complex risk analysis platforms where forecasts are invariably out of date.

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Terms & Conditions

tncThe EXX AFRICA INSIGHT portal contains proprietary information. All content is protected under international copyright and intellectual property law. Taking out a subscription involves no transfer of property rights of any kind to the Subscriber. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. The personal information that you communicate to us when you navigate on our site will not be distributed to third parties.

A valid email address and password are necessary to open an account. Each subscription is intended for the exclusive use of the Subscriber in whose name it has been taken out. The Subscriber can print an article or download it for his personal use but cannot under any circumstances distribute it to third parties even within his or her own company.

All orders involve full and unreserved acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.

The subscription takes effect from reception of the order. Orders for subscription are deemed firm and definitive as soon as they are received. All payments are based on annual invoicing.

This website seeks to comply with the laws protecting privacy and individual freedom and commits itself not to disclose to third parties information communicated to the company by the Subscriber.

This website reserves itself the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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