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We strive to meet our clients’ requirements in the following sectors. Companies in the following industries and with an interest in Africa should contact us to gain further details of our full range of subscriptions and tailored consulting services.


oilAfrica’s oil and gas sector is facing intense new challenges since global prices dropped in 2014. The sector faces higher risk of license cancellation for projects that have seen investment flows stalled. Stricter local content and participation requirements are also frustrating contracts and raising operating costs. Our oil and gas expertise is focused on large oil producers such as Nigeria and Angola, frontier markets like Uganda and Senegal, as well as nascent LNG producers such as Mozambique and Tanzania. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its energy clients.


miningAfrican governments are seeking far greater local beneficiation from the extraction of minerals by encouraging local processing and imposing strict local employment and procurement quotas. Mining companies face greater risk of contract frustration, from for example raw ore export bans and differential pricing structures to boost local consumption. We are experts at forecasting political and violent risks to Africa’s mining sector in both established markets like Ghana and South Africa, as well as emerging producers such as Kenya and DRC.  EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its mining clients.


insurancePolitical risk insurance cover is reaching new record values driven by a greater appetite for investments in Africa’s emerging markets. We specialise in providing support to the insurance sector by being able to process slip queries in a fast and effective manner. Consult our exclusive political risk insurance support service for more details.


The bedrock of international trade and foreign direct investment is project and export finance. EXX AFRICA prides itself in having a deep understanding of project and export finance deals in Africa, across all sectors. For the financial sector we are able to develop quantitative bespoke risk modelling scores to build into clients’ own databases, as well as our more qualitative risk analysis and forecasting services. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its financial clients.


African governments are attempting to loosen their dependence on natural resource exports by incentivizing development of higher value manufacturing industries. Depending on the sub-sector, manufacturing and chemical industries are vulnerable to industrial action, regulatory burden, corruption, and contract frustration risks. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its manufacturing and chemicals clients.


On the back of thriving natural resources exports, Africa’s transport, power, and water infrastructure has been undergoing massive development. Moreover, rapid urbanisation has triggered a construction boom in Africa’s largest cities. Foreign and local construction companies are exposed to contract frustration risk through delayed payment by the government or other state agencies. Meanwhile, corruption is endemic and preferential bidding processes are often common place. Construction firms also face industrial action and security risks. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its construction clients.


Whether it is coal, diesel, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, thermal, wind, or solar, Africa’s thirst for new power sources and a stable power supply is crucial to sustain record growth. Each country is developing a different strategy and foreign investment into the power sector is being welcomed. But power projects face a huge regulatory burden and risks of contract frustration. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its power sector clients.


The boom in African consumerism is triggering new investments in retail and mass distribution across the continent and from abroad. African companies are increasingly competing with foreign retail giants and entering new markets. Yet retail businesses are exposed to risks of industrial action and insecurity, as well as government demands to procure locally. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its retail clients.


One of Africa’s greatest challenges is still getting goods from A to B, whether these are pharmaceuticals, staple goods, or petroleum being shipped into pipelines. EXX AFRICA specializes in supply chain management risks in Africa and seeks to work with our clients to mitigate risk to their operations and smoothen their distribution networks. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services that support supply chain risk management.


Africa is the world’s fastest growing telecoms market, despite high regulatory hurdles and massive infrastructural challenges. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its IT and telecoms clients.


Africa has a fast expanding aviation industry and some of the continent’s largest seaports are under construction, indicating sweeping changes across Africa’s aviation and marine sectors. EXX AFRICA looks at security risks such as terrorism, piracy, insurgency, and crime, as well as contract frustration risks that affect aviation and marine sectors. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its aviation and marine clients.


Africa’s defense acquisitions are growing at record pace, while concerns over international terrorism are intensifying. EXX AFRICA is a specialist in national security strategy consulting. We provide our defense clients with actionable and trustworthy intelligence to make key decisions. For further information of our defense and security consulting services, please contact us.


Africa’s booming middle classes have massively increased the need for pharmaceutical imports, manufacturing, and distribution. Both large South African and multinational pharmaceutical firms are establishing assets in Africa to meet the continent’s rising consumption requirements. Such companies will face heightened contract frustration risks, as well as serious supply chain obstacles. EXX AFRICA offers a variety of tailored services to its pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.


EXX AFRICA also consults some of the world’s largest information companies, risk advisories, and consulting firms on African political and economic risk. For further information of our consulting services, please contact us.

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