Counterparty political and reputational risk assessments

Due Diligence

Our diligence service provides highly tailored, price-competitive, and confidential counter-party political and reputational risks assessments. Due diligence of counter-parties is an important part of doing business in Africa, especially as African governments increasingly require or encourage foreign investors to partner with local businesses. This service matches well with the stakeholder engagement and influence mapping service.

EXX  AFRICA has an exclusive methodology to conduct such investigations into both individuals and companies. We depend on our local source network, excellent analytical resources, and access to industry-leading search tools to conduct our investigations. We assure clients utmost discretion and confidentiality when conducting such investigations. Our corporate investigations source information from local and international media and websites, local language media, interviews (only where appropriate), social media monitoring, and Factiva and Lexis Due Diligence searches. We also contact our extensive local source network to gather further information to support corporate investigations.

Our corporate investigations focus on a number of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Verification of company or individual: Verification of incorporation; background to the business (mergers, acquisitions, etc.); verification of corporate offices or residence; analysis of business activities and assessment of political risk exposure; listing of major business partners and associates; size and structure of operations; public announcements; listing of subsidiaries and parent entities; details on structural organization; existence of off-shore entities.
  • Company financials: Analysis on company reports where available; assessment of company’s strengths and weaknesses; identification of irregularities; history of non-payment or delayed payment; exposure to political risks; potential for lack of transparency; potential for tax evasion; information on bankruptcy and failed business ventures; statement of confidence in financials.
  • Business owners: All key background and current verifiable information on the individual, as well as the company principals and close associates; criminal records; personal wealth and assets; assessment of local source intelligence; disclosure of ostentatious lifestyle.
  • Legal and litigation matters: List of past and current legal cases; analysis of legal cases; potential for future litigation or contract disputes; provisions for international arbitration; international treaties; compliance with international corruption laws.
  • Criminal activity: History of criminal records at any major associates; information on questionable business practices; information on labour or environmental regulation violations; information on ties to organized criminals; suspicions of money laundering; suspected ties to terrorism; context on such cases.
  • Individuals’ political relations: Connections of principals to elite groups or political organisations; assessment of vulnerability or strength of political connections; assessment of counter-party’s ability to provide political support for the business.






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