Bespoke risk monitoring service

Tailored Risk Alerts and Analysis

The tailored risk alerts and analysis service is a bespoke risk monitoring service. This completely tailored offering provides you with a constant stream of risk relevant events, indicators, and forward-looking analysis that allows you to monitor your risk exposure for a particular country or a specific location or asset. This service is available for any or all of the risk perils covered by EXX  AFRICA and can be delivered on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on your precise requirements.

Scenario mapping and indicator tracking
A crucial part of this service is the drawing of scenarios for particular countries and markets, while outlining the implications of each scenario. As part of this we provide s risk indicator tracking service that allows us to conduct risk monitoring and provide early warnings in case of a particular increase in risk exposure. EXX  AFRICA relies on its local source network to collate crucial on-the-ground data, while its experienced analysts monitor key risk indicators, feeding a constant stream of actionable and commercially relevant intelligence to our clients. In addition, our experts engage in social media monitoring to track trends and events on social media such as Twitter.

We offer a price-competitive and fully bespoke risk alerts and analysis service. Some client case studies are below:

Case-study: A finance client is investing in a power plant in rural Tanzania. EXX  AFRICA sends monthly reports including recent events that indicate new threats to the power plant, such as local criminal activity, labour action, political dynamics, etc. EXX  AFRICA also contacts the client immediately when a particular threat is likely to impact operations at the power plant.

Case-study: A telecoms client is conducting long-term strategic planning of its operations in Africa. EXX  AFRICA initially drew up a series of scenario maps for a number of countries and identified key risk indicators that would require careful tracking. EXX  AFRICA then began to monitor the risk indicators and sends the client ad hoc update reports and an annual summary report.

Case-study: A mining client is worried about local content regulations to its operations in West Africa, in particular Cote d’Ivoire. EXX  AFRICA sends a weekly bulletin of events that concern local content policies and implementation. EXX  AFRICA also provides a quarterly report on the risk of regulatory burden, contract frustration, and taxation specific to the client’s mining operations in selected West African countries.







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