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Robert Besseling

Dr. Robert Besseling

Executive Director

Robert founded EXX  AFRICA in 2015, after pursuing a decade-long career in political risk forecasting at industry-leading companies such as London-based Exclusive Analysis and NYSE-listed IHS Global. At EXX  AFRICA, Robert leads a team of partners and contributing analysts to produce commercially relevant and actionable analysis on African political, security, and economic risk. Robert also retains the lead on many consulting projects for blue chip corporations in a wide variety of sectors.

Robert is an expert in forecasting political, security, and economic risk to African natural resources and associated infrastructure development. He has traveled extensively on the continent and calls Africa his ‘home’. He is regularly invited to speak at major international conferences on topics such as metals and mining, trade and export finance, and global security matters. He makes frequent appearances on televised media, as well as contributions to international print media.

Robert holds an MA (Hons.) in History from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. He also has an MBA and a PhD in African political and economic history. He is fluent in English, French, and Dutch.

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