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EXX  AFRICA INSIGHT is a specialist intelligence service that delivers accurate, decision-ready, and commercially relevant forecasts on African security, political, and economic risk. All analysis is supported by local source intelligence and driven by our proprietary risk methodology.

Frequently updated risk reports on each of Africa’s 54 countries, coherently forecasting major changes in countries’ risk outlook, such as elections, policy changes, strikes, wars, or sovereign default. The Country Outlook is forward-looking, intelligence-driven, and seeks to inform decision-makers on each country’s particular risk outlook.


An exclusive location analytics tool that includes over 150,000 geo-coded risk events spread across 54 African countries and dating back as far as 20 years. Compare and contrast Africa’s diverse risk environment according to location, date, or risk category. Members can select different base maps and gain greater visual risk differentiation.


A team of experienced Africa-focussed analysts publishes daily analysis on the continent’s main developments including actionable and commercially-relevant risk forecasts for key sectors. All Members receive a daily bulletin with the latest analysis and current risk intelligence from around the continent.


A unique granular and quantitative risk scoring system for 54 African countries that allows Members to compare and contrast business operating environments across the continent and over time. Our forward-looking risk scores facilitate decision-making and prepare Members to foresee emerging threats and opportunities.


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Annual Membership Fees for 2019/20: USD 2,800 per Member

Corporate packages and multiple Memberships are negotiable.
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Bespoke Risk Advisory Services for All Sectors

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