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Improving relations with neighbouring Sudan and a nascent recovery in the all-important oil sector are motivating rival parties in South Sudan’s long-running civil war to seek to implement the 2018 […]
Despite their upset defeat in the first-round presidential elections, establishment parties will rally behind a unity candidate in the second round and maintain a strong course for legislative dominance. This […]
The government has admitted that the economy is slowing, although it still refuses to blame weak debt management. As the import bill is set to rise and debt servicing costs […]
The new government will have little time to celebrate a court ruling confirming its electoral victory earlier this year, as concerns mount over weak tax collections and rising debt servicing […]
Following a two week ban on protests, political demonstrations are set to resume across major cities. Security forces will seek to protect border crossings and airports from blockades, although a […]
The presidential election remains too close to call as establishment parties are set to rally behind a unity candidate in the second round to fend off a challenge from emerging […]
Algeria’s ruling general is either preparing to install himself as a strongman-president of an Egyptian-inspired securocratic state or he is seeking to transition political power to a civilian administration that […]
Tanzania’s current administration has embarked on a number of reforms to harness the potential of artisanal and small-scale mining and address its associated environmental and social concerns. EXX Africa examines […]
The pope’s visit to Mozambique will shine the spotlight on peace, climate change, and perhaps even the country’s debt restructuring process. But the debate is likely to almost ignore the […]
EXX Africa reflects on some of the political and economic challenges facing Africa’s last absolute monarchy, as the small landlocked nation emerges from recent contested elections and finds itself in […]

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A shock to global oil prices leaves many African markets unprepared for more expensive import bills, while some crude producers may struggle to reap the benefits of higher oil export […]
The government will capitalise on Robert Mugabe’s legacy to consolidate its authority and establish further control over patronage networks in the banking and agricultural sectors. However, it is failing to […]
The suspension of work on the Uganda to Tanzania crude pipeline is a major setback for the development of the Lake Albert oil sector and is likely to push back […]
The latest outbreak of anti-immigrant violence in South Africa has been unusual only because of its timing coinciding with a major investment conference and the potential political motivations behind the […]
With 54 countries and a continental coastline of 30,500 km that spans the Mediterranean sea in the north, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea in the northeast, the Indian […]
EXX Africa takes a closer look at the idiosyncrasies of some of the prominent internet shutdowns on the continent over the last year, exploring the causes and consequences of this […]
Over the past two years, there has been a dramatic escalation in violence across the Sahel, as both militancy-related violence and inter-communal ethnic conflicts have expanded and intensified. EXX Africa […]
The incoming transitional government will need to address three priorities if it is to last its three-year term: namely seeking prosecution of those held responsible for war crimes and violence […]
State-owned enterprises in Africa have a notorious reputation for being mismanaged and for repeatedly requiring financial bailouts. EXX Africa unpacks this notion by looking at some of the best and […]
Two months out from elections, Mozambique’s government has secured a peace deal with the armed opposition and agreed on debt restructuring with most of its creditors. These are crucial steppingstones […]

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