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The government has pledged political reforms and the release of political prisoners to end a post-election crisis that has tarnished Benin’s democratic credentials. However, the opposition has mostly been excluded […]
Nigerian indefinite border restrictions on official trade with Benin and Niger are another setback to the continent’s free trade efforts, as import bans drive up inflation and stimulate demand for […]
The president makes a bold political gamble to force parliament to lift an interest rate cap which has starved private sector lending and is slowing economic growth. His government hopes […]
Regardless of the outcome of next week’s elections, Botswana faces its most significant political shift in over 50 years. The transition comes just in time as the economy is slowing […]
Guinea is at a crossroads between a peaceful political transition or another military intervention. Despite growing resistance from civil groups and opposition parties, President Alpha Condé is determined to go […]
The government seeks more revenue from the mining sector to provide a quick fix to a distressed economy caused by shrinking development assistance and depreciation of the local currency due […]
The world’s second-worst Ebola epidemic has been marked by attacks against aid workers involved in the response effort. EXXAfrica’s latest analysis briefing looks at why this is the case in […]
In the most likely scenario, a disparate group of Islamists and social conservatives will unite to elect Tunisia’s new president and form a new coalition government to face off a […]
Despite a recent lull in violence, a new outbreak of ethnic unrest in Amhara region indicates that federal secessionism remains rife across many regions. Authorities are ill-prepared to hold a […]
The US is taking a prime position to benefit from oil sector opportunities in Somalia as the Horn of Africa country increasingly re-engages with international partners and donors. Somalia’s government […]

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The main opposition’s rejection of election results is based on credible evidence of voter intimidation and ballot manipulation which EXXAfrica flagged three months ago. However, the results are unlikely to […]
EXXAfrica unpacks the data and trends behind the main insurance policies available to commercial entities in South Africa, debunking popular opinions around strikes and terrorism in particular.
In a three-part analysis briefing series, EXXAfrica explores specific threats to the aviation sector in Africa. In part one, we examine how the risks of war and terrorism may manifest […]
As security conditions across the Sahel continue to rapidly deteriorate, regional and international states have renewed their efforts to support joint counter-terrorism operations. EXX Africa assesses the potential for these […]
Small-scale demonstrations in Egyptian cities are little more than a stinging condemnation of corruption within the country’s opaque military-industrial complex. Protesters are not calling for a removal of the military-backed […]
While an alleged coup plot has been overblown by the government for political gain, the incident does put a spotlight on the deployment of politically affiliated militia groups ahead of […]
A sprawling IMF-backed privatisation programme creates exceptional opportunities for investors across diverse sectors. State assets selloffs may also be the only course for Angola to reduce its massive public debt […]
A shock to global oil prices leaves many African markets unprepared for more expensive import bills, while some crude producers may struggle to reap the benefits of higher oil export […]
The government will capitalise on Robert Mugabe’s legacy to consolidate its authority and establish further control over patronage networks in the banking and agricultural sectors. However, it is failing to […]
The suspension of work on the Uganda to Tanzania crude pipeline is a major setback for the development of the Lake Albert oil sector and is likely to push back […]

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