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Fresh political pressures on the peace process coincide with the commencement of commercial diamond extractions, raising renewed concerns over political instability and contract frustration in the mining sector.
As the opposition alliance fractures, the probability of victory by the governing coalition’s presidential candidate has increased, while the possibility of an election postponement has been significantly reduced.
The condition of President Bongo remains clouded in uncertainty, even though a political transition is likely to be underway which will ensure economic stability, yet much-needed reforms to the oil […]
As the government steps up intimidation of its LGBT community, it risks the suspension of donor aid and a wider international backlash, which may well play into the president’s hands […]
A political stand-off over cabinet appointments is expected to exacerbate the polarisation between partisan supporters ahead of the 2019 elections, while falling foreign reserves bode ill for import cover and […]
New revelations concerning public embezzlement, political intervention in the judiciary, overspending on military procurement, and public asset collateralisation are expected to frustrate any hope of a breakthrough during renewed talks […]
Concerns over the reliability of electronic voting machines, mounting logistical challenges, and the growing prospect of an opposition victory are raising the probability of another postponement of upcoming general elections, […]
The government is failing to accomplish economic growth and fiscal consolidation, yet the prospect of post-electoral policy changes and broad institutional reform should be sufficient to stave off another credit […]
While the pre-election climate has been relatively peaceful, the probability of a political fall-out is high in the two month outlook, which raises risk of electoral unrest and associated commercial […]
A recent terrorist attack in the capital has highlighted the political fragmentation between the governing secular and Islamist parties, thus straining Tunisia’s ruling coalition and leading to policy inertia.

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While the risk of a default remains relatively low into 2019, lack of progress on fiscal consolidation and slow-paced negotiations with the IMF pose a real threat of a sudden […]
Investors have a growing appetite for Nigerian debt as the country ramps up foreign borrowing. We assess key indicators that will determine the debt outlook, including currency policy, local banking […]
The post-election climate has been brightened by a large hydropower investment and a positive economic outlook; however, the threat of insurgency, fragile debt sustainability, and lack of political succession planning […]
The government is failing to accomplish economic growth and fiscal consolidation, yet the prospect of post-electoral policy changes and broad institutional reform should be sufficient to stave off another credit […]
Both presidential campaigns are focussing on building broad-based local political coalitions to ensure victory in 2019, yet slowing investment and frustration of foreign investments are hampering the economic recovery and […]
Ahead of next year’s elections, the government will maintain the political status quo and boost welfare spending in order to curb any outbreaks of unrest; yet falling foreign exchange reserves […]
Despite concerns over the pace of incremental reforms to the security sector and progress on privatisations of state-owned companies, the new government remains committed to making comprehensive political changes.
Mounting concerns over Africa’s debt sustainability are frustrating key investment decisions and infrastructure financing. In this special report EXX Africa identifies the countries in best and worst position to attract […]
Egypt’s economy is firmly on a positive trajectory following two years of structural adjustment, yet non-oil sector growth, low domestic consumption, and high youth unemployment remain key challenges that can […]
The resignation of the respected finance minister was undoubtedly a political blow for the government, yet may also boost President Ramaphosa’s vaunted anti-corruption campaign. Meanwhile, the appointment of an acclaimed […]

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