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The government is tentatively disclosing details on previously undisclosed debt to the IMF, which should advance eventual bailout negotiations, yet the economic outlook is fast deteriorating and further straining the […]
The president’s centralisation of power has allowed him to deflect foreign condemnation and pre-empt an insurgency by his former military chief, yet a new threat to the government is emerging […]
The Ramadan period, which will be observed in East Africa from 16 May to 15 June – is anticipated to see an increase in the frequency and geographical distribution of […]
The kingdom has accrued an unsustainable short-term debt to suppliers and utility providers due to fiscal insolvency, while the prospect for reform in Swaziland remains low as international intervention remains […]
The latest Eurobond sale shows that short-run market sentiments are likely to remain optimistic despite Ghana’s varied adherence to conditionalities and vulnerable real sector growth as it departs an IMF […]
The new government inherits an economy in very poor health and is pushing through measures to alleviate fiscal stress, yet it will have to implement painful subsidy cuts and revenue […]
The government’s election laws have been defeated in the courts, which has exposed it to further pressure from the political opposition and labour unions, while the loyalty of security forces […]
Despite crippling fuel shortages, public sector retrenchments, and the threat of popular resistance to the government, an immediate deterioration in Sudan’s socio-political stability is not expected.
The opposition have resumed protests against the government over a lack of progress on socio-political reform, yet there is unlikely to be a serious deterioration of political instability at least […]
The upcoming succession contest within Mozambique’s armed opposition will intensify belligerent anti-government rhetoric, yet the current ceasefire is not expected to be breached and peace negotiations will eventually resume.

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The spread of the Ebola Virus to a Congolese city last week has prompted the escalation of geographic risk assessments and upscaling of travel advisories by health authorities and state […]
The government’s economic and political reform initiatives are spurring economic recovery and ensure long-term political and economic stability, even though there are growing concerns over authoritarianism and further centralisation.
The Congolese government continues to steer towards an IMF bailout by July, despite previous rejections. While not all of the Fund’s conditions are expected to be met, the IMF will […]
Kenya has commenced this year riding a wave of optimism as the economy makes a steady recovery and political reconciliation seems near, yet there remain various challenges that will determine […]
Time to challenge President Buhari’s second term plans are fading fast, which will facilitate policy-making, including the passage of long-delayed oil sector reforms and the finalisation of a record budget […]
The new government is increasingly consolidating its authority and co-opting former regime stalwarts to steer economic policy and direct much-needed oil sector reforms, despite their often tainted reputations.
The geographic extent and frequency of Islamist extremist activity are anticipated to increase in the immediate term, while major cities such as Ouagadougou will remain susceptible to sporadic mass casualty […]
Violent communal unrest and virulent labour action are frustrating South Africa’s new president’s reform agenda and undermining the ruling party’s image shift, yet the government’s ability to curb these challenges […]
Although Ghana’s economic trajectory is largely positive, risks associated with ongoing debt accumulation, servicing costs, and commodity-dependence are likely to puncture the optimism.
The success of the Ethiopian political transition will depend on the new government’s ability to seek compromise between established business and security interests and mounting calls for broad political and […]

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