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The military is set to launch an offensive in western Darfur against one of the few remaining active Darfuri rebel groups, which will increase war risks but also shift political […]
As the casualty rate from northern Mozambique’s Islamist insurgency accelerates and new travel warnings are imposed, the immediate threat to the region’s nascent LNG industry remains limited and manageable.
Ethiopia’s olive branch for Eritrea has provoked both its military and Tigray population, while Eritrea seems reluctant to participate in talks to end a war footing that underpins its government’s […]
Counter-insurgency measures employed by the Nigerien state are fuelling communal tensions in the country and are assisting Islamist extremist movements in their recruitment, raising terrorism risks.
Mining companies threaten production cuts and arbitration to protest new regulations, while the government uses the courts as leverage over the industry; yet further escalation is unlikely as both sides […]
In accordance with a court ruling, the Malagasy president has formed a unity government, which is aimed at preventing a military intervention and dividing the political opposition ahead of elections […]
A regional power play between Gulf states and Iranian influence has reached the Western Sahara and threatens to stoke a cold war between Morocco and Algeria, while aggravating Sahrawi youths […]
Islamist militant group al-Shabaab is increasingly seeking to target US military personnel and assets, as well as high-profile commercial interests, in retaliation for increasing US raids and drone strikes on […]
The governing party threatens to impeach President Buhari in response to a series of politically motivated actions against his rivals. Further high profile defections are expected over coming weeks.
By considering a third term in office, President Ouattara hopes to avert a political crisis over his succession in the governing coalition, yet such a move is likely to trigger […]

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Confirmations on the president’s and opposition leaders’ candidacies to contest the December elections are imminent, raising risk of unrest in respective political strongholds and particularly the capital Kinshasa.
The government prepares to moderately raise taxes on the gold mining sector and to impose fresh local content requirements, although these are unlikely to herald a steer towards more populist […]
A cash injection by Ethiopia’s Gulf allies will ease immediate hard currency shortages, yet there remain longer term concerns over lack of currency reform and a reluctance to extend privatisations […]
As the two main candidates in July’s elections prepare their campaigns, there remain significant obstacles to a free and fair vote and the opposition will pressure the government to offer […]
In a raft of new legislation and directives, the government further curtails internet freedoms and extends control over revenues from the mining and telecoms sectors, while threatening to encroach its […]
With less than a year to go until the next elections, Mozambique faces renewed hurdles in negotiations with the armed opposition and anxious bondholders, who still seem willing to wait […]
The government has begun an ambitious economic and foreign policy shift that will need to be matched by troop withdrawals from disputed Eritrean territory and broader privatisations across key economic […]
Zambia’s finance minister is desperately seeking a new IMF mission to kick-start bailout negotiations ahead of its next Eurobond tranche payment, yet continued borrowing and debt miscalculations are diminishing such […]
The government is still likely to repeal the interest rate cap in the three month outlook as it comes under growing pressure from the IMF and lenders, despite sustained political […]
Ahead of elections in October, security threats derived from terrorism and insurgency could further hamper the vote’s credibility, while debt sustainability will become a more serious issue in the longer […]

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