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Despite a high profile anti-corruption campaign and a fresh review of investment contracts in key sectors, the new administration remains committed to attracting foreign capital and protecting investor interests.
Despite the ongoing counter-terrorism campaign, the March elections will face a heightened threat of targeted attacks on security forces and civilians in the Western Desert and North Sinai governorate, as […]
The militarisation of the Algerian-Moroccan border is playing out in the backdrop to a fisheries dispute and intensifying regional rivalries, indicating little chance of enhanced cooperation on counter-terrorism.
The pressure of international sanctions and looming elections has heightened the urgency to deploy new forces to curb militant attacks, even if G5 regional forces still lack funding and organisational […]
While a delay in announcing the results of local elections is aimed at soothing ethnic violence, the prospect of broad industrial action, anti-government demonstrations and associated riots remains at boiling […]
A heavy-handed crackdown on Islamist militants in northern Mozambique has prevented attacks for well over a month, yet there are growing concerns of communal violence among refugees and a backlash […]
Recent mosque bombings in Benghazi may indicate a new dimension in the fighting in the East and demonstrate that even areas under the guise of the relatively stable LNA forces […]
Failure to reach an agreement with the IMF on urgently needed financing is purely politically motivated and will seriously weaken the kwacha currency and imperil Zambia’s balance of payments outlook.
The opposition and the government have begun negotiations to resolve the political impasse, yet the government is unlikely to make any serious concessions and demonstrations are likely to continue while […]
Chad’s distressed balance of payments may be resolved if the government commits to holding delayed legislative elections, which would unlock further donor funding, yet would trigger fresh risk of anti-government […]

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A relatively stable budget and upbeat economic outlook may avert another local currency debt downgrade, yet the real test for the new government will be urgently-needed restructuring and sell-offs at […]
A shift in the balance of political power towards the ethnic Oromo group will be contested by Ethiopia’s Tigray elite, yet would mitigate unrest while exacerbating risk of politically-motivated corruption […]
Incoming president Cyril Ramaphosa will face a fine political balancing act to avoid alienating his political rivals and satisfying his party’s unaffordable policies, while breathing new confidence into the distressed […]
Although the ANC has recalled President Zuma, it may struggle to remove him as state president and further negotiations on a resignation settlement are likely in the next few days […]
A unilateral US arms embargo indicates loss of confidence in the moribund peace process and will be followed by foreign aid suspensions, yet such actions will increasingly trigger attacks on […]
The start of the year has been marked by a wave of anti-austerity protests across major North African and Sahel cities. This special report assesses the risk of further protests […]
In this open article, EXX Africa assesses that water shortages in some of South Africa’s largest cities will pose severe risk of insecurity over the coming months, while export revenues […]
The opposition’s extreme political posturing has dramatically backfired and its coalition is set to collapse, while the government’s attention shifts to managing an economic recovery and preparations for the next […]
Even though his governing coalition is fast unravelling, the 2019 election is still President Buhari’s to lose. His campaign will build on a perception of sustained economic recovery and subdued […]
Two months ahead of elections, we assess Egypt’s security outlook and the prospect of a newly confident economy as the painful reforms of the IMF programme begin to pay off […]

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