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The opposition has threatened to resume mass protests in retaliation for the government’s perceived contravention of key tenets of an ECOWAS-brokered political deal, yet any further unrest is unlikely to […]
The deployment of the military to curb militant activities of a powerful Somali paramilitary force poses higher risk of retaliatory attacks on Oromo commercial assets, such as oil infrastructure, and […]
The presidential pardon of the Ivoirian former first lady will reinvigorate sections of the opposition, which President Ouattara may leverage to his own political advantage as the governing coalition crumbles.
In its latest attack on foreign commercial interests, Tanzania’s government has threatened to suspend broadcasting rights. In a strategy reminiscent of its tactics in the mining sector, the government seeks […]
President Kabila’s decision to step down in favour of a loyalist securocrat is aimed as much at placating regional and international partners as undermining the political opposition ahead of the […]
The WHO has confirmed yet another Ebola virus disease outbreak in the North Kivu province settlement of Mangina. While the epidemic is already being contained by vaccinations, there are concerns […]
The political opposition is unable to annul the constitutional referendum outcome through the courts or protests, while the government expects more significant financial support from Saudi Arabia as it distances […]
Following the defections of influential lawmakers and governors to the opposition, President Buhari is likely to ramp up corruption prosecutions to strengthen his anti-graft image, yet he faces political turf […]
Unpopular austerity measures are likely to trigger a broad backlash in the form of street protests and industrial action across public and private sectors, which would be exacerbated by any […]
The influential senate president has launched high-profile defections of senators and lawmakers to the opposition, which will undermine President Buhari’s re-election prospects but certainly not diminish his political ambitions.

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On the one year anniversary of Angola’s political transition, there are growing indications that initial investor optimism has waned due to a persistently weak economy, rising debt levels, and fresh […]
Policy uncertainty ahead of next year’s elections, mounting concerns over debt sustainability, and rising fuel prices are likely to mar Namibia’s economic recovery and drag down the economy’s growth outlook.
A scenario analysis of the upcoming Congolese elections suggests that the opposition vote will be too fragmented to pose a serious challenge to the incumbent governing coalition, although there remains […]
The governing party will support a constitutional amendment to clarify expropriation of land without compensation in order to limit divisive politicisation and to manage public expectations. Any land reform agenda […]
Despite its ballooning debt burden and widening fiscal deficit, Zambia expects to conclude a deal with the IMF on a credit facility in the four-month outlook, which would mitigate the […]
Following disputed and tainted elections, Zimbabwe’s massive debt burden and its severe foreign exchange and monetary crisis remain the major obstacles to unlocking substantive flows of private and foreign government […]
Despite localised outbreaks of fatal unrest and allegations of voting irregularities and intimidation, President Mnangagwa and his governing ZANU-PF party have secured an internationally-recognised mandate and the fall-out over the […]
Two of Congo’s most reputable opposition leaders are due to return in the next few days to register for the December presidential elections, yet there is still no confirmation on […]
Mali’s scandal-tainted government is seeking re-election by counting on low voter interest and fear of insurgent attacks; the elections were marred by militant attacks and disruptions in various restive regions.
One week ahead of Zimbabwe’s highly anticipated elections, the governing party is steering towards a likely victory despite the opposition’s concerns over electoral tampering; meanwhile, the current government’s reformist and […]

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