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While authorities have quelled much of the outbreaks of unrest in major coastal urban communities, within marginalised central and southern regions the prospect of violent disruption to key sectors remains […]
The ad hoc implementation of the new Congolese mining code will be used as political leverage over mining companies and international partners to support President Kabila’s term extension ambitions.
President Buhari’s credentials to restore security in Nigeria are being undermined by deteriorating violence in the Middle Belt and the most recent schoolgirl kidnappings, yet he remains the man to […]
An improving economic outlook and restructuring of the oil sector are mitigating non-payment risk for foreign oil companies, although some previous favourites are losing out in contract allocations.
While the first round vote passed off relatively peacefully, accusations of electoral fraud, arbitrary detentions, and localised partisan violence indicate that more widespread political violence is likely around the run-off […]
While the government’s promises of reform will calm the risk of further disruptive industrial action, more heavy-handed tactics and counter-demonstrations are likely to be launched to curb simultaneous political protests.
The recovery of the oil sector is being frustrated by terminal strikes, blockades, and acts of sabotage and terrorism, thus depriving the authorities of export revenues and further undermining political […]
The governing party is capitalising on a fractious leadership contest within the main opposition, while seeking to reset relations with both existing allies and former western partners to advance a […]
A growing dispute between the government and civil society and opposition parties over the constitution of the electoral commission raises the risk of disruptive protests in Abidjan and other urban […]
The leadership transition may face some delay due to disputes within the governing ethno-political coalition, which raises the prospect of fresh unrest despite the imposition of a state of emergency.

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Growing regional rivalries in the Horn are frustrating commercial interests, especially port operations and marine freight agreements in Somalia and Djibouti, with broader spill-over effects for the region.
A domestically funded and orchestrated Islamist insurgency is now present in at least three Tanzanian districts and has the potential to quickly spread across coastal and western regions, as well […]
Land reform has become highly politically motivated and a push towards more expropriatory policies will raise concerns over potential nationalisation of banks and further tax hikes ahead of the 2019 […]
The controversial new mining code is now due to be signed into law, exposing mining companies to demands for new signature bonuses and leaving them vulnerable to the whims of […]
The politically dominant Tigray kingmakers are expected to endorse a senior Oromo as Ethiopia’s next prime minister over the next week, which would mitigate unrest risks but raise risk of […]
A relatively stable budget and upbeat economic outlook may avert another local currency debt downgrade, yet the real test for the new government will be urgently-needed restructuring and sell-offs at […]
A shift in the balance of political power towards the ethnic Oromo group will be contested by Ethiopia’s Tigray elite, yet would mitigate unrest while exacerbating risk of politically-motivated corruption […]
Incoming president Cyril Ramaphosa will face a fine political balancing act to avoid alienating his political rivals and satisfying his party’s unaffordable policies, while breathing new confidence into the distressed […]
Although the ANC has recalled President Zuma, it may struggle to remove him as state president and further negotiations on a resignation settlement are likely in the next few days […]
A unilateral US arms embargo indicates loss of confidence in the moribund peace process and will be followed by foreign aid suspensions, yet such actions will increasingly trigger attacks on […]

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