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Lesotho has been thrust back into the spotlight in recent weeks given uncertainty around the continued premiership of Thomas Thabane in the midst of long-standing political upheaval, civil-military strife, and […]
President Idriss Déby of Chad has taken significant steps over the last year to secure his hold on power. While these measures along with external support for his rule are […]
Sandwiched between insurgencies in Nigeria to the east, and Burkina Faso and Mali to the West, Niger sits in a dangerous neighbourhood. EXX Africa’s latest analysis briefing explores how these […]
EXX Africa explores the longevity and credibility of the most recent peace deal in the Central African Republic and the potential impact of the country’s recent pivot towards Russia.
Over two months after eastern forces launched an offensive on Libya’s capital, Tripoli, the conflict shows no signs of abating. With international support to the opposing factions both limiting the […]
Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza has gone to great lengths to consolidate his power and eliminate internal and external sources of criticism over the past year. However, as the country gets […]
As Somalia heads to the polls in 2020, security and stability are likely to be hampered by the seemingly intractable al-Shabaab insurgency, the rise in prominence of Islamic State, the […]
The latest loan restructuring proposal no longer gives bondholders access to natural gas revenues but does provide Mozambique with cash flow relief and moves the country closer to a rapprochement […]
The government has agreed an ambitious staff-monitored programme with the IMF in a first step to clear arrears and secure new financing by the end of the year. However, even […]
In his second term, President Muhammadu Buhari will again oversee expansive debt-fuelled spending to develop Nigeria’s infrastructure, while seeking a dilution of the government’s stake in the oil sector. He […]

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The central African regional CEMAC bloc is unlikely to fully deliver on its fiscal consolidation and debt sustainability agenda, as its respective national governments prioritise political patronage and regime survival […]
International donors and NGOs are focussing relief efforts on central provinces of cyclone-ravaged Mozambique, yet neglecting the much poorer and less accessible northern region. As EXX Africa anticipated, the Islamist […]
Transport logistics are a vital and promising sector for business in Africa. However, traversing land, sea, and air routes across the continent comes with a plethora of political and security […]
The terrorism threat to Egypt is being overstated due to sporadic and relatively low capability, yet high-profile, attacks on foreign tourists. The country’s overall risk outlook is remarkably positive as […]
Zimbabwe’s finance minister seems to be in complete denial on the economic crisis facing the country, including the threat of hyperinflation, a collapsing power supply, and ongoing cash shortages. The […]
Cyril Ramaphosa has achieved a reversal of his party’s electoral decline in May’s elections. In fact, he faced a greater challenge from rivals within his own party than from South […]
As negotiations between the military leadership and the protest movement falter, the prospect of political violence will increase in coming weeks, while the loose alliance of armed groups and security […]
The obstinate political opposition has forced President Talon to exclude them from parliament. As his power goes unchecked by a pliable judiciary, Talon is expected to implement his pro-investment and […]
Vast swathes of Cameroon’s northern and western regions are turning into a permanent conflict theatre, as there is no indication of the anglophone insurgency abating. Meanwhile, a concurrent Islamist insurgency […]
The second major storm to hit Mozambique in the past two months will have a much greater impact on the Islamist insurgency in the LNG investment hub of Cabo Delgado. […]

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