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The increasing frequency and intensity of protests and associated violence in Ugandan urban centres is a worrying indicator of political instability, coupled with a deteriorating socio-economic outlook towards the next […]
The lifting of the interest rate cap puts Kenya on a firmer growth trajectory, while improving chances of an IMF standby facility being approved, unlocking massive new loans from development […]
Botswana’s ruling party has rid itself of the nationalism, protectionism, and cronyism of the previous administration. It will now seek to liberalise the economy, diversify away from mining sector dependence, […]
Islamist militants are capturing territory in north-central Burkina Faso, while steadily advancing towards the capital. Security forces are increasingly reluctant to engage militants and mutinies are becoming more frequent, while […]
As Ethiopia readies itself for a referendum in November that is expected to usher in the creation of its tenth federal state, EXX Africa explores the details of the vote […]
EXX Africa’s analysis series focussing on threats facing the aviation sector explores the incidence and impact of petty and grand corruption in some of Africa’s most important economic hubs.
Despite Togo’s impressive performance on the latest Doing Business Index and its recently secured credit ratings, the political and security climate remains vulnerable to potential mass protests and western criticism […]
In a three-part analysis briefing series, EXXAfrica is exploring specific threats to the aviation sector in Africa. In part two, we examine the threat posed by crime, whether by petty […]
The government has pledged political reforms and the release of political prisoners to end a post-election crisis that has tarnished Benin’s democratic credentials. However, the opposition has mostly been excluded […]
Nigerian indefinite border restrictions on official trade with Benin and Niger are another setback to the continent’s free trade efforts, as import bans drive up inflation and stimulate demand for […]

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An array of foreign investors is lining up to inject billions of dollars into Ethiopia’s much-vaunted telecoms sector, while Chinese funding is set to support the indebted state telecoms company. […]
Although Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi played little more than a symbolic role within Islamic State affiliate groups in Africa, his death is likely to achieve the undesired effect of increasing […]
Zambia’s finance minister is taking firm steps to stabilise the economy and to resume negotiations with the IMF on a credit facility. However, he will face political pressure to maintain […]
Many sub-Saharan African countries have set ambitious targets around the incorporation of renewable energy in their power mix over the next decade. EXXAfrica’s latest briefing explores the opportunities and challenges […]
The main opposition’s rejection of election results is based on credible evidence of voter intimidation and ballot manipulation which EXXAfrica flagged three months ago. However, the results are unlikely to […]
EXXAfrica unpacks the data and trends behind the main insurance policies available to commercial entities in South Africa, debunking popular opinions around strikes and terrorism in particular. Read the PDF […]
In a three-part analysis briefing series, EXXAfrica explores specific threats to the aviation sector in Africa. In part one, we examine how the risks of war and terrorism may manifest […]
As security conditions across the Sahel continue to rapidly deteriorate, regional and international states have renewed their efforts to support joint counter-terrorism operations. EXX Africa assesses the potential for these […]
Small-scale demonstrations in Egyptian cities are little more than a stinging condemnation of corruption within the country’s opaque military-industrial complex. Protesters are not calling for a removal of the military-backed […]
While an alleged coup plot has been overblown by the government for political gain, the incident does put a spotlight on the deployment of politically affiliated militia groups ahead of […]

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