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The introduction of Zimbabwe’s own currency last month has worsened inflation and the new ‘Zim dollar’ may collapse before the end of the year. The government is facing mounting pressures […]
The power-sharing agreement will lower the risk of protests and violence for the first time in seven months, while commercial activity is set to resume, and normal diplomatic relations will […]
The security and sovereignty of Africa’s borders are coming under growing threat from intra-regional militant groups that occupy vast swathes of territory across the Maghreb, Sahel, and West African regions, […]
The dismissal of Zambia’s finance minister was a politically motivated act seeking to distract from a planned constitutional amendment that would remove a requirement of parliamentary approval of government loans […]
EXX Africa continues its three-part series on threats to African borders. In its second instalment, our analysis assesses the nature of transnational criminal organisations across the continent and how these […]
The US and other favoured investment partners like Qatar and Turkey are staking out a position of influence over Somalia’s nascent oil sector ahead of a much-anticipated licensing round later […]
The risk of violent protests by opposition supporters over reports of electoral manipulation poses a higher threat of commercial disruption than the northern insurgency, which might even simmer around the […]
From Agadez in the Sahel, to Metemma on the Sudanese border with Ethiopia and the ports of Obock and Bossaso in the Horn, all the way to Zimbabwe’s Beitbridge post, […]
Evidence for an Islamic State attack last month in northern Mozambique seems spurious, although the group’s claim will have symbolic value for the Islamist insurgency in the gas-rich region. The […]
In President Buhari’s second term, the government will continue to prop up the local currency and maintain costly subsidies, policies which have fostered massive fraud and embezzlement and undermined economic […]

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While East African states face major security challenges from several civil wars, sporadic political upheavals, and the persistent threat of violent extremism, regional states remain prime destinations for tourism and […]
A lack of demand for intra-regional formal trade in West Africa may prove the most serious challenge for the single currency’s eventual launch and success. Unlike the Eurozone in the […]
Over the past year, the rapid encroachment of Sahel-based Islamist militant groups on the borders of West African coastal states has prompted widespread concern that previously unaffected locales are now […]
The governments of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire are moving closer to cocoa market consolidation and are due to introduce a relatively modest minimum floor price for producers to alleviate widespread […]
The political establishment has intervened to prevent several populist rising stars from participating at this year’s elections. Such tactics may backfire and trigger a fresh wave of political protests, just […]
The largest ever foreign direct investment into sub-Saharan Africa has been secured by Mozambique, and even more commitments in the LNG sector are underway. The country’s long-struggling economy is already […]
The Kenyan government will again raise spending over the next year, deriving new funding from taxes on businesses and increased borrowing, while refusing to cut wasteful expenditure. Combined with unsustainably […]
In a reinvigorated boost to the reform-minded prime minister, the government is planning a USD 2.2 billion partial privatisation of the state telecoms company, while preparing the issuance of new […]
In his upcoming State of the Nation parliamentary speech, President Ramaphosa will need to seize the initiative by committing to ambitious structural reform of failing state-owned enterprises and to recapture […]
A former ethnic Arab militia accused of war crimes in Darfur and now integrated into the Sudanese security forces and armed with new weapons from the Gulf has seized control […]

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