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Four months into his presidency, Félix Tshisekedi has at last agreed to appoint a prime minister loyal to his predecessor and main political rival Joseph Kabila. As a result, the […]
Ahead of upcoming Independence Day celebrations, Eritrea’s government has shut down social media services and shuttered border posts with Ethiopia and Sudan. The country has seen few real benefits from […]
As a military contest over the capital, Tripoli, devolves into a stalemate, the security situation across Libya shows signs of deterioration as the country’s rival political administrations become increasingly estranged. […]
Constitutional amendments in Togo have set up a continuation of the political status quo for at least another six years, which assures contract certainty for investors in the country’s infrastructure […]
A three-year lending programme with the IMF, if approved by the Fund’s board, will offer immediate relief across Congo’s balance of payments and improve political stability in the short-term. However, […]
The head of state energy giant Sonangol is replaced just as the company plans extensive asset divestments. There is ample precedent indicating that Angola’s new ruling elite is seeking to […]
Just over one year in office, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has made some remarkable achievements and won international acclaim and good will from multilaterals. Towards the 2020 elections, ongoing […]
The political stalemate between the new military establishment and the protest movement that is increasingly tilting in favour of Islamist ideology risks dragging a politically destabilised and economically weakened Algeria […]
Despite more comforting assurances from the finance ministry, Zambia is again struggling to meet its obligations to the public payroll, construction contracts, and debt servicing. Meanwhile, the Zambian economy is […]
Marginalised public sector employees and frustrated communities in economically side-lined regions are posing a heightened risk of strikes and protests, just as the fractious coalition government gears up for the […]

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The terrorism threat to Egypt is being overstated due to sporadic and relatively low capability, yet high-profile, attacks on foreign tourists. The country’s overall risk outlook is remarkably positive as […]
Zimbabwe’s finance minister seems to be in complete denial on the economic crisis facing the country, including the threat of hyperinflation, a collapsing power supply, and ongoing cash shortages. The […]
Cyril Ramaphosa has achieved a reversal of his party’s electoral decline in May’s elections. In fact, he faced a greater challenge from rivals within his own party than from South […]
As negotiations between the military leadership and the protest movement falter, the prospect of political violence will increase in coming weeks, while the loose alliance of armed groups and security […]
The obstinate political opposition has forced President Talon to exclude them from parliament. As his power goes unchecked by a pliable judiciary, Talon is expected to implement his pro-investment and […]
Vast swathes of Cameroon’s northern and western regions are turning into a permanent conflict theatre, as there is no indication of the anglophone insurgency abating. Meanwhile, a concurrent Islamist insurgency […]
The second major storm to hit Mozambique in the past two months will have a much greater impact on the Islamist insurgency in the LNG investment hub of Cabo Delgado. […]
Recent developments in Sudan have simultaneously raised hopes for momentous regime change and brought about significant uncertainty over the future of the country and the entire region, particularly as demonstrations […]
President Ramaphosa’s ANC is set to reverse a trend of electoral decline at general elections in three weeks, despite the party’s record of entrenched corruption, economic mismanagement, and political in-fighting. […]
The Islamist insurgency in northeastern Nigeria has continued on a track that is all too familiar. In many ways, the conflict appears to be repeating trends seen in previous years, […]

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