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Counter-terrorism strategies by security forces are hardening Islamist militant groups’ resolve and pushing insurgents to collaborate on tactics; as a result, kidnap risks for expatriates are steadily rising.
The West African cocoa sector is still feeling the pain from lower revenues over the past two years, which is motivating Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire to consolidate their markets; however, […]
Four former presidents will dominate the upcoming elections, while their respective political vehicles are seeking to curry favour with the military and to create political alliances with rivals, although the […]
Western donors are suspending budgetary support to Zambia’s government due to concerns over financial mismanagement, thus straining debt servicing ability and casting into doubt ongoing project finance deals.
Supporters of the opposition will start to mobilise to pressure the electoral commission to accept their demands for reform ahead of the December elections, yet even if the various fragmented […]
An escalation of violence is likely in the pre-election period in the Anglophone Southwest and Northwest regions, while road closures, kidnap threats, and robberies will pose a heightened risk in […]
A proposed delay to legislative elections seems engineered to favour the president and allied opposition, while harming the ruling party in parliament; international stakeholders will push for a compromise settlement […]
In the one-month outlook, further demonstrations and retaliatory violence are likely leading up to trials of opposition leaders, while the risk of diplomatic sanctions would increase in case of broader […]
The redeployment of regional military assets away from the Lake Chad basin has opened an opportunity for Islamist militants to consolidate and prepare a new offensive in northeast Nigeria ahead […]
Desperately searching for fresh funds to service its mounting debt burden, the cash-strapped government has stopped paying public salaries and repaying VAT rebates to mining firms, while offering state assets […]

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While the South African economy is again stuck in a deep recession and measures aimed at fiscal consolidation are stalled, the new administration may have achieved sufficiently firm institutional gains […]
In the first six months of its administration, the new government had taken a measured and pragmatic approach to pursue internal and external peace, enhanced political pluralism, and economic privatisation, […]
The ongoing contract frustration experienced by telecoms firm MTN in Nigeria and the threat of punitive action against banks such as HSBC are highly indicative of intensifying populist and politically […]
The newly elected president has consolidated his political authority through shaking up the cabinet, while he is sending a reformist message to creditors that he will prioritise growth as a […]
A booming economy and improved governance are creating fresh opportunities for project finance deals. While the economic and financial outlook is relatively strong, there are emerging concerns over political patronage […]
Acute divisions between the reformist treasury and central bank and a populist legislature over a fuel tax and interest rate cap are imperilling the extension of the IMF’s standby credit […]
The new government will seek international re-engagement, political conciliation, and economic recovery, while taking a measured approach, prioritising less disruptive policy, and personnel changes and gradually moving toward more comprehensive […]
Critical oil industry reform has once again become stuck in parliamentary processes, while political will to implement the various governance, licensing, and fiscal policy reforms is waning ahead of the […]
Incomplete data on farm attacks are facilitating the politicisation of the issue by lobby groups and political parties, even though a review of available statistics shows a downward trend in […]
One year into its administration, Angola’s new government turns to the IMF seeking a three-year extended facility that will test the boundaries of its reformist credentials and potentially boost the […]

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