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President Omar al-Bashir will almost certainly seek re-election in 2020, providing further scope for the withdrawal of international sanctions, although this risks disrupting ongoing peace agreements with non-state groups and […]
The government has received fresh financial assistance from the IMF, which will support debt servicing and boost the flagging economy; yet, requisite austerity measures and subsidy cuts threaten protests and […]
South African and Russian firms are making initial overtures to play a role in the rebuilding of the war-ravaged oil economy, which remains dominated by Asian firms; yet ceasefire violations […]
Although the reported killing of a high profile Islamist militant leader will make a significant operational blow to the jihadist insurgency, an escalation in retaliatory violence is likely in coming […]
The month of November has seen an uptick in insurgent attacks in northern Mozambique with mounting evidence of transnational ties and a more recent expansion to other provinces, yet the […]
The suspension of licenses for NGOs operating in Senegal is likely to trigger a coordinated response by activist groups and opposition parties in the form of protests and boycotts ahead […]
Despite a US Embassy security message warning of a threat of terrorism against US government facilities in Kinshasa, there are no potential groups that could be assessed as having the […]
The opposition will again step up disruptive protests in Lomé ahead of next month’s elections, yet the unrest is unlikely to frustrate fiscal consolidation measures and a military intervention remains […]
Mining and NGO interests in eastern provinces already face a high baseline threat from armed militant attacks, yet there is no evidence suggesting that insurgent groups are expanding their operational […]
Despite relatively peaceful and well-organised first round elections, the risk of violence and commercial disruption will spike towards the run-off presidential vote in December between two long-time political foes.

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President Edgar Lungu is gearing up his strategy to remain in office, which will consist of centralising political authority, repressing his critics, and overspending on politically motivated infrastructure and defence […]
The start of politicking for the next set of elections has the potential to impact political stability and the country’s policy agenda. A split in the governing coalition is becoming […]
Uganda’s highly-anticipated start of commercial oil production will again be delayed, from 2020 to 2021, yet various factors may extend that timeline even further due to disputes between private sector […]
A preliminary agreement on debt restructuring has been reached with Mozambique’s creditors leveraging future gas revenues as collateral, thus paving the way for an urgent recovery of the local economy, […]
The new government marks its one-year anniversary facing serious obstacles to its economic reform agenda, as well as intensifying political rivalries, which threaten to undermine the prospect of international financing […]
The management of Zimbabwe’s economic and monetary policy is becoming the next battleground for rival factions in the ruling party, with allegations that a recent spike in inflation has been […]
While the risk of a default remains relatively low into 2019, lack of progress on fiscal consolidation and slow-paced negotiations with the IMF pose a real threat of a sudden […]
Investors have a growing appetite for Nigerian debt as the country ramps up foreign borrowing. We assess key indicators that will determine the debt outlook, including currency policy, local banking […]
The post-election climate has been brightened by a large hydropower investment and a positive economic outlook; however, the threat of insurgency, fragile debt sustainability, and lack of political succession planning […]
The government is failing to accomplish economic growth and fiscal consolidation, yet the prospect of post-electoral policy changes and broad institutional reform should be sufficient to stave off another credit […]

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