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Despite some tentative overtures towards peace, the Anglophone insurgency in Northwest and Southwest regions is unlikely to be resolved in the short term, while the risk of kidnapping and broader […]
A new generation of Islamist militants is seeking to undermine a recent recovery of the tourism sector and to frustrate Kenya’s economic trajectory by staging a high-profile attack on expatriates […]
Outbreaks of violent unrest are indicative of widening political divisions and systemic economic malaise, which the current administration lacks the political clout to resolve. The risk of both civil and […]
Zambia’s new tax regime is causing smelters to close and motivating mining companies to lay off workers and scrap investment plans. Worse is to come as a harmful new sales […]
If Congo’s election results are confirmed, the risk of post-election violence is significantly mitigated, while incoming president Tshisekedi may be more open to amend controversial policies in the mining sector. […]
Angola’s economy will recover in 2019 on the prospect of rising oil production levels and IMF credit support; however, the country’s banks urgently require a round of consolidation to improve […]
Incoming president Andry Rajoelina will enjoy greater political capital in his second stint at the helm, while his government is at least initially expected to follow an IMF programme as […]
A failed military coup is indicative of broad socio-economic and political frustration with Gabon’s leadership, which has been weakened by the suspected incapacitation of its strongman president. While the prospect […]
Despite widespread intimidation and electoral manipulation, the ruling coalition may not have sufficiently rigged the presidential ballot in its favour and is now deploying fresh delaying tactics to prepare its […]
Despite recent government claims to the contrary, the threat of terrorism in Egypt has not subsided. The withdrawal of security assets from terrorism-embattled regions is providing Islamist militants a chance […]

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The opposition has run out of recourse to challenge the elections results and the threat of widespread post-election violence is gradually subsiding. The incoming government under President Tshisekedi is expected […]
African markets that are opening up to structural reform and painful liberalisation will offer a more favourable investment climate over the coming year, while governments advocating state interventionism and currency […]
The governing ANC party will seek re-election this year by striking a balance between radical demands from its populist base and mounting investor concerns on debt and corruption. We outline […]
Some of Africa’s largest oil producers are in a much stronger position to deal with price volatility than five years ago. Conversely, many African fuel importers are less likely to […]
Greater observation of macroeconomic fundamentals and policy anchorage under a new IMF programme indicate that market optimism on an already promising Angolan economy is likely to firm up in 2019, […]
From Nigeria and Algeria, to South Africa and Mozambique – EXX Africa presents a risk snapshot of ten African elections in 2019 which you should not miss. Each election will […]
After indefinitely postponing December’s elections, there remains little prospect of a new roadmap being implemented in the prescribed time amid a hostile landscape and a lack of cohesion among domestic […]
Six months ahead of the next national elections, any previous opposition momentum is drifting, while the governing ANC will seek to delay the president’s reform agenda to avoid any serious […]
President Edgar Lungu is gearing up his strategy to remain in office, which will consist of centralising political authority, repressing his critics, and overspending on politically motivated infrastructure and defence […]
The start of politicking for the next set of elections has the potential to impact political stability and the country’s policy agenda. A split in the governing coalition is becoming […]

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