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In response to a unified opposition’s pro-business platform ahead of the February 2019 elections, the embattled incumbent is expected to leverage a strong anti-corruption mandate as an electioneering tool, posing […]
A latent risk of kidnap targeting wealthy business people, political figures, and expatriates in Tanzanian cities remains ever present, as indicated by a recent high profile abduction, yet the threat […]
Islamist militants continue to pose a serious threat to French-aligned, state, and mining interests, while certain groups increasingly have the capability to execute complex attacks against fortified targets in southern […]
Landmark local elections will prove the success of decentralisation measures agreed with the armed opposition and will act as an important political bellwether ahead of next year’s national elections.
The government seeks to tap mining sector revenues in a demonstration to the IMF of its newfound commitment to fiscal consolidation; yet such measures are likely to stall expansion plans […]
Following a disputed election that was marred by unrest in western regions, attention will soon shift to economic management, debt sustainability, and the succession of long-time President Paul Biya.
Police action has failed to reverse a growing trend of kidnapping targeting minors and businessmen of South Asian origin, indicating that new population groups are now more likely to be […]
In an increasingly desperate attempt to inject fresh liquidity into the distressed local banking sector by printing new and larger banknotes, the government risks further stoking rampant inflation and triggering […]
A peace deal to end the five year civil war remains prone to ceasefire violations and disputes over implementation, while the return of rebel leaders to government is likely to […]
Over the next few weeks, the electoral campaigning period will see an uptick in politically motivated unrest, yet the municipal election is unlikely to have an immediate impact on political […]

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The resignation of the respected finance minister was undoubtedly a political blow for the government, yet may also boost President Ramaphosa’s vaunted anti-corruption campaign. Meanwhile, the appointment of an acclaimed […]
The new government in Angola has made transparency and economic reform its much vaunted manifesto, which is buying it good will among international investors and is boosting its popularity at […]
Political disputes over the petroleum tax and interest rate cap have forced the government to halt its pursuit of a Standby Credit Facility from the IMF. In the absence of […]
Following another calamitous month, Zambia’s government needs to urgently commit to deficit reduction through additional taxes and debt restructuring, or face the prospect of a default by early 2019. A […]
While the South African economy is again stuck in a deep recession and measures aimed at fiscal consolidation are stalled, the new administration may have achieved sufficiently firm institutional gains […]
In the first six months of its administration, the new government had taken a measured and pragmatic approach to pursue internal and external peace, enhanced political pluralism, and economic privatisation, […]
The ongoing contract frustration experienced by telecoms firm MTN in Nigeria and the threat of punitive action against banks such as HSBC are highly indicative of intensifying populist and politically […]
The newly elected president has consolidated his political authority through shaking up the cabinet, while he is sending a reformist message to creditors that he will prioritise growth as a […]
A booming economy and improved governance are creating fresh opportunities for project finance deals. While the economic and financial outlook is relatively strong, there are emerging concerns over political patronage […]
Acute divisions between the reformist treasury and central bank and a populist legislature over a fuel tax and interest rate cap are imperilling the extension of the IMF’s standby credit […]

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