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Failing state interventionist policies in the economy are pushing down economic projections, although Tanzania’s government remains in denial on the negative impact of its populist initiatives. Our latest briefing examines […]
The political upheaval in neighbouring Sudan has thrown into confusion the prospect of a unity government in South Sudan. A high-profile conference at the Vatican failed to make a break-through […]
Mali’s government and military hierarchy has been reshuffled in an indication that the state is losing complete control over swathes of the country to Islamist militants and anti-jihadist militias. Similar […]
Tunisia will need some USD 2.5 billion in external support this year, but its efforts to attract funding and investment will be hampered by increasingly belligerent labour unions that are […]
The violent and disputed electoral process in Rivers State and apparent embezzlement of local development funds have antagonised local communities, which would be exacerbated if the military redeploys into Ogoniland. […]
In an endorsement of pro-market reforms and liberalising policies, Botswana’s long-time ruling party has nominated President Masisi as its presidential candidate for the October elections. However, a murky political rivalry […]
Despite some politically charged rhetoric, the administration of President Julius Maada Bio has made some important achievements in its first year, including free education, restoring sound fiscal management, and cracking […]
The ousting of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was accurately forecast by EXX Africa several months ago. The prospects of political stability, regional security, and economic recovery under the new military […]
A sudden military escalation focusing on Libya’s capital, Tripoli, threatens to undermine the aspirations of the UN and the international backers of the Government of National Accord to bring stability […]
The Gulf of Guinea has become the world’s largest piracy hotspot since the decline of Somali piracy in the early 2010s, with incidents increasing markedly in the last two years, […]

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Recent developments in Sudan have simultaneously raised hopes for momentous regime change and brought about significant uncertainty over the future of the country and the entire region, particularly as demonstrations […]
President Ramaphosa’s ANC is set to reverse a trend of electoral decline at general elections in three weeks, despite the party’s record of entrenched corruption, economic mismanagement, and political in-fighting. […]
The Islamist insurgency in northeastern Nigeria has continued on a track that is all too familiar. In many ways, the conflict appears to be repeating trends seen in previous years, […]
The detention of Vodacom executives in Tanzania fits into the government’s broader crackdown on the telecoms and media sectors, as well as its restriction of political freedoms. While some donors […]
The long term impact of last month’s cyclone will be felt in terms of the looming humanitarian disaster and new bottlenecks on supply chain networks across the affected region. Mozambique […]
Former president Kabila will need to retain control over mining revenues and avoid a deterioration of insecurity in eastern provinces, while keeping Rwanda on-side, to ensure he can stave off […]
After five weeks of mass demonstrations, the embattled political elite is showing no signs of giving into the protestors’ demands. The next five weeks will prove crucial in determining Algeria’s […]
As Uganda’s long-time president manoeuvres into position to extend his tenure, the country’s political outlook is shaken by a crackdown on the opposition and an escalating trade dispute with Rwanda […]
A possibly imminent offensive by eastern forces to capture Tripoli would be strategically perilous, diplomatically unwise, and financially unaffordable. The opposing sides are more likely to begin contentious talks on […]
Ten days of intensifying protests in Algeria’s urban centres have rattled the country’s elite and thwarted carefully calibrated political transition plans. Although the protests remain unorganised and leaderless, there are […]

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