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Just weeks away from publishing its much-anticipated master plan for the struggling power sector, the government is considering prescribing financial assets and forcing pension funds and banks to invest in […]
The central bank has taken drastic action to nearly halve the number of lenders putting at risk more than USD 1.6 billion in deposits to at least 70,000 investors. However, […]
The key parties in Cote d’Ivoire are realigning ahead of the presidential vote in 2020, injecting some much-needed competition into the country’s political sphere that has been dominated for the […]
Falling output in the farming sector is mostly due to disastrous state interventionist policies orchestrated by the current government. Lower revenues from the agricultural sector will add stress to the […]
Despite concerns that independent power producers will cut off supplies over sizable arrears owed by state agencies, the government will continue to intervene to ensure a stable supply of power. […]
President Adama Barrow is promoting symbolic measures such as a new look for its local currency note to purchase political capital ahead of 2021 elections as his own coalition unravels […]
An ongoing mining contract review is motivated by a need to raise state revenues from the sector to support the government’s debt servicing and higher social development spending that was […]
Mainstream parties will have a competitive advantage at presidential elections in five weeks, although the real political battle will focus on the parliamentary vote in October. Whoever wins the elections, […]
The embattled central bank has for now ruled out an outreach to the IMF despite weak growth, a plummeting currency, and rising debt. The government will need to make progress […]
One of Africa’s most successful economies and the country hosting next year’s Intra-African Trade Fair is itself struggling to secure access to markets due to arbitrary border closures and Ebola […]

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State-owned enterprises in Africa have a notorious reputation for being mismanaged and for repeatedly requiring financial bailouts. EXX Africa unpacks this notion by looking at some of the best and […]
Two months out from elections, Mozambique’s government has secured a peace deal with the armed opposition and agreed on debt restructuring with most of its creditors. These are crucial steppingstones […]
As concerns over the impact of a global trade war on African economies mount and the continent faces a looming debt crisis, the recent IMF bailout of Brazzaville may offer […]
The incoming government is not expected to deviate from the strong naira and directed credit policy, although there is a better chance of widespread oil sector reform being implemented to […]
EXX Africa explores Russia’s growing influence in Africa. We look at the drivers of this foreign policy shift, the locations of interest, and the implications for traditional players across the […]
The recent cancellation of high-profile Chinese infrastructure projects in Tanzania and Kenya does not indicate a shift in attitude towards investment from China. Instead, East African governments are increasingly integrating […]
While East African states face major security challenges from several civil wars, sporadic political upheavals, and the persistent threat of violent extremism, regional states remain prime destinations for tourism and […]
A lack of demand for intra-regional formal trade in West Africa may prove the most serious challenge for the single currency’s eventual launch and success. Unlike the Eurozone in the […]
Over the past year, the rapid encroachment of Sahel-based Islamist militant groups on the borders of West African coastal states has prompted widespread concern that previously unaffected locales are now […]
The governments of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire are moving closer to cocoa market consolidation and are due to introduce a relatively modest minimum floor price for producers to alleviate widespread […]

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