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Broad resistance to a fuel price hike has triggered protests and strike action across sectors in the past few weeks; the politicisation of the dispute will raise the risk of […]
Resistance to a constitutional referendum scheduled for 30 July is intensifying, indicating heightened risk of civil unrest and political violence, while a regional diplomatic backlash is expected in case of […]
Levels of violence in Bangui and outside of the capital continue to spike in terms of frequency and scale, while fighting is motivated less by ethno-religious frictions and more by […]
The formation of a larger and more inclusive cabinet is meant to hold together the current shaky coalition and to prevent further outbreaks of violence, although there is no indication […]
Ahead of Mali’s elections, pressure is mounting to deploy the G5 Sahel regional force to mitigate risk of militant attacks, yet the force remains under-funded and is riven by leadership […]
Egypt’s new government is unlikely to steer the economic recovery off course, although it is seeking to centralise more political authority within the Presidency and to dilute the influence of […]
Intensifying violence between elements aligned to the Somaliland and Puntland semi-autonomous regions indicates growing risk of full-blown conflict that would threaten to embroil parts of northern Somalia.
The government has pushed ahead with an unpopular social media tax as part of a broader programme to increase tax revenues; in response, sporadic and localised protests by youth groups […]
A broad review of contracts in the construction and mining sectors is expected as an anti-graft probe extends to the most senior ranks of the previous government, although foreign investments […]
Growing international pressure is likely to persuade the Benghazi-based administration to return the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf oil terminals to Tripoli’s government, yet demands may include alterations to the […]

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A lasting peace agreement would improve Ethiopia’s access to ports and boost forex revenues, while Eritrea’s economy would recover as UN sanctions are dropped; yet such scenarios are unlikely as […]
The government has announced a new anti-graft initiative in response to high-profile corruption scandals, yet it is unlikely to be effective as late payments increasingly impact state contractors and expand […]
As the governing party splits and the opposition unites, the president’s re-election chances take a serious knock; yet in the absence of a viable opposition candidate with broad political support, […]
Falling copper prices are adding to Zambia’s economic woes, while the government is making fresh strides towards fiscal prudence and is floating austerity measures to rein in a mounting debt […]
A merger between the two main political parties has effectively failed, which may force their respective leaders to challenge each other at elections in 2020, thus undermining political stability and […]
The insurgency in northern Mozambique is taking on an increasingly ethnic undertone and there is little evidence to suggest that militants are actively targeting foreign commercial assets. The security response […]
Ahead of a crucial judicial decision on his eligibility for a third term, Zambia’s president seeks to placate the opposition to sway concerned donors, while co-opting some of his detractors […]
A new framework agreement on establishing peace does not include many of the actors in South Sudan’s conflict and is mostly aimed at mitigating mounting international pressure through sanctions on […]
Despite a booming economy, the Egyptian government remains concerned that a looming inflation surge and the socio-economic impact of its IMF-endorsed austerity programme will trigger fresh unrest.
Last weekend’s attack on a political mass rally underlines the resistance to the new government’s liberalizing economic reforms and its diplomatic outreach to old foe Eritrea that imperil Ethiopia’s entrenched […]

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    #Guinea fuel price hike triggers protests and strike action across sectors, raising risk of political violence 

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