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There is no firm indication that the postponement of Nigeria’s elections was politically motivated, however the outcome of the vote is now more likely to be disputed, raising the probability […]
Political rivalries have been put on hold until after the April elections, while fresh welfare spending should curb outbreaks of unrest. Yet the post-elections economic outlook remains marred by falling […]
Any negotiated resolution of the political crisis now seems remote as the opposition unites, while security forces fracture, indicating a growing probability of regime change in coming months. Despite questionable […]
Three days ahead of Nigeria’s hotly contested elections, there are strong indicators of political interference in the judiciary, threats of violence against foreigners, and concerns over internet restrictions. However, the […]
As South Africa faces another round of scheduled power outages, reduced output from energy intensive sectors will put further pressure on an already bleak economic outlook. Meanwhile, labour opposition to […]
The former rebel leader who swept Cote d’Ivoire’s president to power almost a decade ago has withdrawn his political support, while the president’s political nemesis is due to return to […]
A delicate political transition is underway in one of West Africa’s most exciting economies driven by developments in the mining and energy sectors. While the risk of a military coup […]
Despite recent alarmist warnings of an imminent terrorist threat to Kampala, Islamist militant groups such as the ADF and al-Shabaab do not have the capability or even aspiration to carry […]
President Ramaphosa has an opportunity to demonstrate his anti-corruption credentials ahead of this year’s elections by appointing a new board at the state pension fund. However, a dilution of political […]
The operating licence for Uganda’s largest tax payer, telecoms firm MTN Uganda, is likely be renewed after the company agrees to stringent new conditions. Yet the circumstances of the renewal […]

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Optimistic central bank forecasts show that Tanzania’s economy is picking up steam again. However, falling foreign direct investment, partial donor suspensions, and a tarnished investment reputation, as well as an […]
Ahead of the expected ratification of the world’s largest free trade agreement, we assess the divergent economic trajectory on the African continent, as well as persistent concerns over debt sustainability […]
Investor optimism in African mining is gradually recovering as indicated by companies’ growing exploration budgets. However, some of the continent’s most important mining countries are frustrating investments through arbitrary changes […]
President Kenyatta’s ambitious policy agenda is increasingly being undermined by emerging challenges as his governing coalition begins to unravel and the economy becomes exposed to debt vulnerabilities, falling state revenues, […]
While the Mozambique undisclosed loans saga unfolds in domestic and international courts, there are growing indications that the scandal risks spilling over into Angola, where mounting evidence of similar opaque […]
In this open access report, EXX Africa assesses the risk of internet shutdowns and online media restrictions in 2019, identifying the countries and operators most at risk of commercial disruption […]
The opposition has run out of recourse to challenge the elections results and the threat of widespread post-election violence is gradually subsiding. The incoming government under President Tshisekedi is expected […]
African markets that are opening up to structural reform and painful liberalisation will offer a more favourable investment climate over the coming year, while governments advocating state interventionism and currency […]
The governing ANC party will seek re-election this year by striking a balance between radical demands from its populist base and mounting investor concerns on debt and corruption. We outline […]
Some of Africa’s largest oil producers are in a much stronger position to deal with price volatility than five years ago. Conversely, many African fuel importers are less likely to […]

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