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Despite marginal improvements in the local currency and inflation, the economic crisis is unlikely to wane and there is little prospect of improved relations with donors and the IMF, indicating […]
Despite ongoing security challenges, President Keïta is likely to secure a second term in 2018 as the opposition fails to unite, yet any semblance of electoral irregularities would be likely […]
Despite some government concessions, there remains high risk of further violent protests, yet a coordinated security response and lack of cohesion in the disparate protest movement indicate that a change […]
Pastoralist violence in Nigeria’s Middle Belt states is likely to trigger a resurgence of civilian militia groups and retaliatory attacks, while the political ramifications of the security crisis threaten the […]
A newly confident government seeks to probe contracts signed by its predecessors under a new special prosecutor as it withdraws from its IMF programme, thus raising risk of contract revision […]
The government is forcing telecoms operators to increase local ownership and to comply with online media policing rules, by threatening expropriation, yet divestment is a likely outcome in case informal […]
A recent attack in the restive Casamance region underlines doubts regarding the separatist militants’ commitment to peace and its rejection of armed violence, while threatening local logging and mining activities.
Unpopular austerity measures and potential further delays to holding legislative elections this year are increasingly likely to trigger opposition-backed protests and industrial action, raising political instability risks.
The evacuation of villages by government troops and banditry tactics by militants has triggered a refugee crisis with ample scope for violent spill-over into Nigeria, while there remains little opportunity […]
As inflation eases from previous record levels, exchange rate reform appears to be paying off and the central bank will be more able to control the flow of ‘hot’ money […]

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As Zimbabwe’s post-coup ‘honeymoon’ period begins to dwindle, focus will again shift to debt sustainability, currency management, and a politically motivated anti-corruption campaign that are likely to slow the economic […]
The year 2018 is unlikely to herald the start of a new African debt crisis, but it will augur an end to the boon of high-yielding African debt, as governments […]
The newly confident Angolan government seeks to devalue its currency by at least 20% in the short term and to restructure state oil company Sonangol’s massive debts in order to […]
In 2018, some of Africa’s recent growth champions like Ethiopia and Tanzania will pose significantly higher risk to investors, while the giants of Angola, Nigeria, and South Africa are set […]
From the Zimbabwe coup and Kenya’s disputed elections, to the political transition in Angola’s oil sector. In this open article, EXX Africa lists its top five risk forecasts that were […]
Another round of IMF negotiations has failed to deliver a bailout package, while the country’s balance of payments position is becoming so dire that it may force a devaluation of […]
The election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC party leader was a negotiated compromise with the faction of President Jacob Zuma, whose continued influence over government policy and procurement will still […]
Intense foreign diplomatic pressure and a fast deteriorating economy have forced the government’s hand to hold elections by late 2018, while the political opposition lacks the unity, funds, and popular […]
The new government has announced some moderate budget cuts, a politically motivated transparency campaign, and is considering eventual currency reform, yet potential lenders will insist on deeper spending cuts and […]
On the back of an improving economic outlook, President Buhari is preparing to run for a second term in 2019, even though his governing alliance is weakened by defections and […]

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    As #Zimbabwe ‘honeymoon’ period begins to dwindle, focus will again shift to debt sustainability, currency manageme… 
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    Despite inflation and currency improvements, #Mozambique still fails to grasp the nettle of its massive foreign debt 

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