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The start of the rainy season augurs a healthy crop for the world’s top cocoa producer and the country’s economic trajectory is set to remain stable at least in the […]
Less than two months out from hotly contested elections, South Africa faces some of its worst power outages in years with dire implications for the economic recovery. President Ramaphosa is […]
The probability of an opposition victory in upcoming elections is increasing, which raises the risk of corruption probes and contract renegotiations after the polls. However, the incumbent will use new […]
Burkina Faso has experienced an alarming increase in the geographic spread, tempo, and complexity of attacks by Islamist militants in the past year. This trajectory of violence, in a country […]
The government is preparing to issue more Eurobonds once Ghana departs the IMF programme. While new loans would finance the budget deficit and fund expansive spending programmes to boost liquidity […]
The potential resolution of a years-long dispute over the world’s largest untapped iron ore resource does not immediately signal its development due to the project’s massive infrastructure costs. Despite a […]
Facing the most significant outbreak of unrest in almost a decade, the Algerian government is under pressure to part ways with its long-standing president. In light of the enduring state […]
The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an enigmatic and insular Islamic militant group in the eastern DRC, has risen in prominence with civilian massacres and large-scale attacks on government troops and […]
The central bank has warned that mounting debt servicing costs risk depleting international reserves at an accelerated rate. However, there is no sign that the government is willing to slow […]
Despite securing a comfortable re-election victory in last month’s elections, President Macky Sall’s perceived authoritarian streak will drive continued risk of unrest in his second term. However, the economic outlook […]

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After five weeks of mass demonstrations, the embattled political elite is showing no signs of giving into the protestors’ demands. The next five weeks will prove crucial in determining Algeria’s […]
As Uganda’s long-time president manoeuvres into position to extend his tenure, the country’s political outlook is shaken by a crackdown on the opposition and an escalating trade dispute with Rwanda […]
A possibly imminent offensive by eastern forces to capture Tripoli would be strategically perilous, diplomatically unwise, and financially unaffordable. The opposing sides are more likely to begin contentious talks on […]
Ten days of intensifying protests in Algeria’s urban centres have rattled the country’s elite and thwarted carefully calibrated political transition plans. Although the protests remain unorganised and leaderless, there are […]
Exaggerated media and analyst reports claim that Islamist insurgents are now specifically targeting Mozambique’s nascent natural gas sector. However, EXX Africa intelligence suggests that recent attacks on gas assets have […]
The misreporting of economic data and indicators is becoming increasingly apparent across some African countries. EXX Africa assesses the political motivations involved in the manipulation of economic statistics and the […]
Optimistic central bank forecasts show that Tanzania’s economy is picking up steam again. However, falling foreign direct investment, partial donor suspensions, and a tarnished investment reputation, as well as an […]
Ahead of the expected ratification of the world’s largest free trade agreement, we assess the divergent economic trajectory on the African continent, as well as persistent concerns over debt sustainability […]
Investor optimism in African mining is gradually recovering as indicated by companies’ growing exploration budgets. However, some of the continent’s most important mining countries are frustrating investments through arbitrary changes […]
President Kenyatta’s ambitious policy agenda is increasingly being undermined by emerging challenges as his governing coalition begins to unravel and the economy becomes exposed to debt vulnerabilities, falling state revenues, […]

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